4-Year-Old’s Obsession: Screen-Free Storytelling Toy 30% Off on Amazon

• The Toniebox is a screen-free toy for kids 3 and up that uses storytelling and singalong songs to keep them engaged, available at a discounted price of $69 through Amazon’s Big Spring Sale
• The Toniebox works by connecting it to WiFi, setting it up through an app, and using “Tonies” characters with their own stories and songs that can be easily switched between by hitting the side of the box
• Caregivers should give a word of warning that setting up the Toniebox may take about 10 minutes in the app, but once it’s set up, kids can easily operate it independently and enjoy 7 hours of battery life

Here is what happened:

When trying to entertain kids, especially 4-year-olds, it can be a challenge to keep them engaged without relying on screens. One solution that has been a hit is the Toniebox, a screen-free toy designed for kids 3 and up. The Toniebox uses storytelling and singalong songs to captivate children’s imaginations and keep them entertained for hours. It has been a favorite for many parents looking for ways to engage their children in a more interactive and creative way.

The Toniebox works by connecting to WiFi and setting it up through an app. Once set up, kids can use “Tonies,” which are characters with their own set of stories and songs. These characters can vary from Disney characters to educational figures, giving children a wide range of options to choose from. The simplicity of the Toniebox allows kids to easily switch between tracks and operate it independently, giving them a sense of control over their playtime.

Parents have noticed a decrease in their children’s screen time as they become more engrossed in playing with the Toniebox. The stories and songs provided by the Tonies have sparked their imagination and creativity, leading to hours of playtime without the need for a screen. With the Toniebox being on sale during Amazon’s Big Spring Sale, it’s a great opportunity to introduce this innovative toy to your child and encourage screen-free play for a more engaging and interactive play experience.

During Amazon’s Big Spring Sale, customers can find a variety of Toniebox deals to choose from, including starter sets featuring popular characters like Playtime Puppy, Woody, Lightning McQueen, and more. These sets offer a selection of stories, songs, and play options to keep children entertained and engaged. With the Toniebox being highly recommended by parents for its ability to captivate children’s attention and provide hours of entertainment, it’s a great investment for families looking for screen-free toy options.

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