98 Degrees shares how Taylor Swift’s influence motivated them to re-record their masters

• 98 Degrees is reuniting and working on a new project, which includes re-recording five of their classic hits and releasing five new songs.
• The group credits Taylor Swift for inspiring them to re-record their masters, as she did with her own music.
• 98 Degrees plans to release a new single at the beginning of next year and also celebrate their 25 years in the industry.

Here is what happened:

A music group from the ’90s, 98 Degrees, has been inspired to re-record their classic hits thanks to the influence of Taylor Swift. The band members, Jeff Timmons, Nick Lachey, Drew Lachey, and Justin Jeffre, recently reunited for a tour and decided to embark on a musical journey down memory lane. “We’re actually in the studio now working on a new project,” Nick revealed, explaining that they plan to re-record five of their classic hits and release five new songs and a new single in the near future.

The band acknowledged Taylor Swift for bringing attention to the idea of re-recording masters, giving them the push they needed. They had been considering it for a while, but Taylor’s decision to reclaim ownership of her music served as a catalyst for them. Jeff stated, “Taylor Swift sort of brought it to the forefront. The fans have embraced that. And so we’re like, ‘OK, now’s the time to do it.'”

Drew also mentioned that Taylor’s journey has encouraged other musicians to follow suit and re-record their own masters, creating a newfound alliance between artists and their fans. He explained that before Taylor’s example, the idea of re-recording masters was not widely accepted, but now it has gained popularity and support from both artists and fans.

In addition to their re-recorded music, 98 Degrees also celebrated their more than 25 years in the industry. They are planning to release a Christmas song alongside their old and new tracks. The band’s resurgence follows a similar trend among ’90s boy bands, such as *NSYNC, who recently released their first single in over two decades. Drew believes that people are loving the nostalgia and reliving the unique time of ’90s boy bands.

This text discusses how Taylor Swift’s decision to re-record her music has inspired 98 Degrees to do the same. The band plans to re-record their classic hits, release new songs, and credit Taylor for motivating them. The text also mentions the support from fans and other musicians for this trend. Additionally, it highlights 98 Degrees’ celebration of their long-standing career and the revival of ’90s boy bands in general.

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