Aaron Carter’s Team Addresses the Passing of His Sister Bobbie Jean Carter

• Aaron Carter is mourning the death of his sister Bobbie Jean Carter at age 41
• Bobbie Jean’s mother Jane Carter is grieving the loss of her daughter and asking for prayers for her 8-year-old granddaughter Bella
• Angel Carter reflects on the challenges her sister Bobbie Jean faced throughout her life and calls for more understanding and support for mental health issues

Here is what happened:

Aaron Carter is with his late sister Bobbie Jean Carter. Following her death at age 41, the late singer’s team shared a message to his family, including Aaron’s mom Jane Carter, his brother Nick Carter, and his twin sister Angel Carter. The team expressed their condolences and support, acknowledging the loss and tragedy that the family has experienced. They also mentioned that Aaron is now reunited with his sisters in heaven, and they hope for peace for all of them.

The heartbreaking news comes just over a year after Aaron died from accidental drowning after taking alprazolam and difluoroethane, a compressed gas, and 11 years after his sister Leslie Carter died from an overdose. Bobbie Jean leaves behind an 8-year-old daughter, which adds to the tragic loss for the family. Aaron and Bobbie’s mother, Jane, emphasized the devastation of the situation, noting that her granddaughter has now lost both her father and mother at a young age.

Bobbie Jean experienced various challenges, including legal issues and struggles with mental health. Her twin sister, Angel, reflected on Bobbie Jean’s life, expressing sorrow that Bobbie Jean was not able to experience innocence and a better life due to the trauma, pain, and suffering she endured. Angel also called for understanding, encouragement, and healthy conversation about mental health in society, emphasizing the need for change rather than judgment.

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