Adele announces 3-month sobriety from alcohol

• Adele has quit drinking and cut alcohol out of her life in the past few months.
• She admitted that she was a “borderline alcoholic” in her 20s but has now chosen to live a sober lifestyle.
• Adele is currently celebrating her son Angelo’s 11th birthday and reflects on their similarities and differences.

Here is what happened:

In a recent Las Vegas residency show, Grammy-winning artist Adele revealed that she has stopped drinking alcohol over the past few months. She admitted that she was “borderline alcoholic” during her twenties but has now cut out alcohol from her life. Adele jokingly expressed jealousy towards the audience members who were enjoying their drinks but supported their choice. This isn’t the first time she has been open about her decision to step away from alcohol, as she previously spoke about the benefits of being sober during her 2021 One Night Only special on CBS.

Despite being sober, Adele is embracing life and celebrating personal milestones. She is currently enjoying her Las Vegas residency and is looking forward to celebrating her son Angelo’s 11th birthday. Adele described Angelo as being similar to her and expressed her admiration for his maturity and intelligence. However, she also mentioned that his requests for extravagant celebrations can be expensive, teasing that she might end up being a “bullied mother.” Adele is currently dating sports agent Rich Paul and seems to be content and focused on her family.

Throughout the years, Adele has gone through several transformations in terms of her fashion choices. In her early red carpet appearances, she often opted for classic black ensembles. Over time, she introduced more colors and experimented with hairstyles, ranging from red locks to a chic blonde bouffant. Adele has consistently impressed with her elegant and modest style, whether it’s a classic black dress or an eye-catching evening gown.

Overall, Adele’s decision to quit drinking and her focus on personal milestones demonstrate her commitment to a healthier lifestyle and prioritizing her family. While she may miss alcohol, she continues to support others’ choices and remains dedicated to being a positive role model for her son. Her evolving fashion choices also reflect her growth as an artist and a woman confident in her own style.

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