Alabama Barker Responds to Claim of Alleged Cosmetic Surgery

• Alabama Barker denied having cosmetic surgery, stating that she is natural except for her lips
• She has been open about using lip fillers and receives criticism on social media
• The text also includes quotes and stories from various celebrities who have admitted to getting plastic surgery or cosmetic procedures

Here is what happened:

Alabama Barker, the daughter of Travis Barker and Shanna Moakler, has been the subject of rumors regarding cosmetic surgery. She recently set the record straight about the type of cosmetic work she has and hasn’t had done to her body. This comes after she posted photos of herself wearing a bikini on Instagram and a user commented, suggesting that she had a lot of cosmetic surgery at a very young age. Alabama responded by stating that she is natural, except for her lips, and emphasized that she is naturally beautiful.

Despite the rumors, Alabama has been open about her use of lip fillers, and has given a shoutout to the nurse practitioner who has helped her in this regard. She regularly faces scrutiny over her social media posts, but has expressed resilience, attempting not to let the critics get to her. Speaking to E! News, she expressed empathy for those who tear her down online, stating that it’s a projection of their insecurities, and she wishes them the best.

To see other celebs who have admitted to getting plastic or cosmetic procedures over the years, you can view the link provided. There’s a wide variety of celebrities who have openly discussed their experiences with cosmetic surgery or enhancements.

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