All the Behind-the-Scenes Secrets You Should Know When Binge-Watching Suits

• The royal family had a line removed from an episode of Suits that included the word “poppycock” because they didn’t want Meghan Markle saying “cock.”
• Suits creator Aaron Korsh didn’t expect anyone to buy the show when he first wrote it, but it was transformed into a pilot for USA with some changes, such as switching the characters from investment bankers to attorneys.
• Production for Suits took place mostly in Toronto, where giant murals were used as backdrops for the New York City setting.

Here is what happened:

The Suits creator, Aaron Korsh, recently revealed in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter that there was a line in the show that the royal family was not comfortable with Meghan Markle saying. The line was supposed to be a nod to Korsh’s in-laws and included the word “poppycock.” However, the royal family did not want her saying the word, so it was changed to “bulls–t” instead. This was just one of the things that the royal family had objections to in regards to the portrayal of Markle’s character.

Korsh also discussed the origins of Suits and how it transformed from a script about finance bosses to a legal drama set in a high-powered law firm. He admitted that he didn’t think anyone would buy the show and was just trying to write a sample that would get him hired. He also revealed that the network initially wanted a “case of the week” format for the show, but he ended up cutting out most of those scenes because they didn’t add much to the story.

Another interesting tidbit about Suits is that most of the show was actually filmed in Toronto, not New York City. The production team used two giant murals to stand in for the city’s skyline. The show also went through some casting changes, with Gina Torres convincing the producers to change her character from a man to a woman, and Meghan Markle’s chemistry with Patrick J. Adams helped her secure the role of Rachel Zane.

Overall, it’s clear that Suits went through numerous changes and challenges throughout its run. From dealing with the royal family’s objections to adjusting the format and setting of the show, Suits managed to find its footing and become a successful legal drama loved by fans around the world.

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