All the Songs Taylor Swift & Harry Styles Wrote About Their Romance Allegedly

• Taylor Swift released her re-recorded album, 1989 (Taylor’s Version), which includes vault tracks that reference her relationship with Harry Styles.
• Harry Styles also released songs that are allegedly inspired by his romance with Taylor Swift.
• Some of the songs mention specific moments and details from their relationship, such as accidents, trips, and changes in appearance.

Here is what happened:

Taylor Swift recently released her re-recorded album, “1989 (Taylor’s Version),” which includes several unheard vault tracks that seem to reference her past relationship with Harry Styles. The Grammy-winning pop stars dated for a short period in 2012 before parting ways. Taylor used their breakup as inspiration for songs like “Style” and “Out of the Woods” on her original “1989” album, which marked her transition from country to pop music.

While Taylor has been cryptic about revealing the subjects of her songs, “Style” is widely believed to be about her relationship with Harry. The song’s lyrics and hidden message in the album’s liner notes provide clues that point to their time together. Similarly, Harry’s “Two Ghosts” on his debut solo album seems to be a counter-argument to “Style,” referencing their shared experiences and how sometimes things change in a relationship.

Another song on Taylor’s re-recorded album, “Out of the Woods,” is believed to be about her anxiety during their relationship. The lyrics allude to a snowmobile accident they had while on a trip with Justin Bieber, with Taylor wondering if they would make it through the challenges they faced. “Say Don’t Go” and “Is It Over Now?” also touch on their relationship, with references to Harry’s post-breakup relationships and their famous snowmobile accident.

The album’s liner note for “I Know Places” suggests that the media attention surrounding their relationship was overwhelming. Taylor felt that their love was fragile and vulnerable, and she believed that media scrutiny would ruin it. Overall, Taylor and Harry have expressed no hard feelings towards each other and have been seen together at public events. These songs allow fans to reminisce about their past relationship and the music that came out of it.

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