All the Stars Who Have Dated Their Own Celebrity Crushes for SEO

• Olivia Munn crush on John Mulaney turned into dating and marriage
• Machine Gun Kelly’s childhood crush on Megan Fox led to relationship
• Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas connected through Game of Thrones fandom and eventually married

Here is what happened:

Many celebrities have experienced the thrill of dating their crushes, turning fantasy into reality. Olivia Munn, for instance, expressed her admiration for John Mulaney at a wedding before eventually dating him years later. The couple welcomed their son, Malcolm, showcasing that dreams do come true, even for celebrities. Machine Gun Kelly openly admitted to having a crush on Megan Fox, while Hailey Bieber was once a massive Belieber before marrying Justin Bieber.

These celebrity crush stories serve as inspiration for anyone who believes their fantasies are out of reach. The journey from adoring a celebrity from afar to dating or marrying them is not just reserved for the rich and famous. Whether it’s a poster on the wall or a childhood obsession, these stories show that sometimes, dreams do come true.

The experiences of celebrities like Joe Jonas, Liam Payne, and Jason Momoa reveal that even stars dream of ending up with the objects of their affection. From sliding into DMs to marrying childhood crushes, these stories reflect the universal nature of celebrity crushes and the surprises that life can bring. Each narrative emphasizes the idea that love can defy expectations and turn even the wildest fantasies into reality.

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