Anne Hathaway’s Stylist Erin Walsh Reveals Her Foolproof Tips for Holiday Fashion

• Stylist Erin Walsh shares tips for creating festive holiday looks, emphasizing the importance of feeling great and harnessing joy
• She encourages taking fashion risks and investing in statement coats, accessories, and shoes to elevate holiday outfits
• Erin suggests choosing a word to set intentions for the New Year and believes that the clothing you wear tells a story about who you want to be

Here is what happened:

The holiday season is a perfect opportunity to revamp your wardrobe with festive-inspired clothing. Luckily, stylist Erin Walsh—who frequently works with Anne Hathaway, Selena Gomez, and Ashley Park—has shared some foolproof tips for elevating your holiday looks. She emphasizes the importance of feeling great and finding joy within yourself, rather than conforming to a certain style. Erin encourages individuals to tap into what makes them shine and be open to taking fashion risks, such as wearing statement coats and mixing genres.

Erin also suggests investing in accessories to enhance your wardrobe, pointing out that items like belts, blazers, and shoes can easily elevate a simple T-shirt and jeans look. She recommends choosing a word to embody how you want to feel and translating that through your clothing. For Erin, the word “calm” plays a significant role in her fashion choices, as she believes in the intention behind her attire.

The clothing that you wear tells the story of what you believe in, according to Erin. From sustainability to ethical practices and personal expression, your fashion choices can communicate a lot about your values and who you aspire to be. Ultimately, she believes that holiday fashion should reflect joy, individuality, and the spirit of the season.

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