Ariana Grande returns to music with her first solo song in 3 years: “yes, and?”

• Ariana Grande released her first single since October 2020, titled “yes, and?”
• The song is a declaration of Ariana living life on her own terms and not caring about criticism from others.
• The song reflects the feelings Ariana expressed in a year-end reflection, describing 2023 as one of her most transformative, challenging, and special years.

Here is what happened:

Ariana Grande has released her first single since October 2020, and the track “yes, and?” seems to be a declaration of her determination to continue living life on her own terms, despite any criticism. The song reflects her resolve to be unapologetically herself, as she sings, “say that s–t with your chest and be your own f–in’ best friend.”

Following a year of public scrutiny over her personal life, Ariana Grande divorced her husband Dalton Gomez and began dating her Wicked costar Ethan Slater. The song “yes, and?” appears to address the challenges she faced during this time, as she acknowledges in the lyrics how she has felt misunderstood by the public.

The song’s message seems to echo Ariana’s year-end reflection shared on social media, where she expressed feelings of transformation and acceptance of life’s lessons. She also spoke about feeling pride and joy in her work while simultaneously feeling misunderstood by those who make assumptions about her life. Despite this, she expressed gratitude for the support and understanding of her loved ones and fans.

The release of “yes, and?” comes as a powerful statement from Ariana Grande, reflecting her resilience and determination to stay true to herself in the face of external judgment and scrutiny.

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