Ariana Madix criticizes Vanderpump Rules co-stars for forgiving ex Tom Sandoval following affair scandal

• Raquel Leviss is suing Tom Sandoval & Ariana Madix after his affair
• Ariana Madix is cutting out anyone associating with Sandoval from her life
• The Vanderpump Rules cast faces drama and consequences post-Scandoval

Here is what happened:

In a recent episode of Vanderpump Rules, the cast dynamics seem to have shifted significantly post-Scandoval, particularly in light of Tom Sandoval’s affair scandal with Raquel Leviss. The fallout from Sandoval’s actions has caused tension, with Ariana Madix making it clear that she will cut out anyone who associates with Sandoval. This has led to conflict within the friend group, especially when James Kennedy decided to join Sandoval on a boys’ night out, prompting Madix to question his self-respect, which led to a heated exchange.

As the drama unfolds, different cast members are navigating the fallout in their own ways. While there are attempts at seeking forgiveness and repairing friendships, there is a clear divide between those who choose to associate with Sandoval and those who stand by Madix. This divide has caused rifts within the group and put friendships at risk, with Madix expressing her stance on forgiveness and her unwillingness to associate with those who support Sandoval.

The tension between the cast members continues to escalate, with Madix and the rest of the group grappling with the fallout from Sandoval’s actions. As the dynamics within the friend group shift and alliances are tested, viewers can expect more drama and conflict to unfold as the season progresses. With emotions running high and friendships on the line, the post-Scandoval era on Vanderpump Rules promises to deliver even more twists and turns as the cast navigates the aftermath of the affair scandal and its impact on their relationships.

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