Bachelor Nation’s Trista Sutter Shares Update on Husband Ryan Sutter’s Battle With Lyme Disease

• Trista Sutter updates on husband’s Lyme disease battle, Ryan Sutter is doing “better” since diagnosis 3 years ago
• Ryan Sutter has high pain tolerance and handles pain in stride, Trista would likely be bedridden if roles were reversed
• After specific diagnosis and treatment, Ryan Sutter is feeling better and overcoming Lyme disease

Here is what happened:

Trista Sutter’s husband deserves a rose for his strength as he battles Lyme disease. The former Bachelorette star provided an update on Ryan Sutter’s condition, sharing that he has been “better” since revealing his diagnosis three years ago. Trista mentioned on a recent episode of The Most Dramatic Podcast Ever with Chris Harrison that Ryan still experiences ups and downs and hopes to feel better most of the time, indicating that he is at about 80% health.

Despite the challenges, Trista commended Ryan for his humility and high pain tolerance, even when facing significant complaints that he may not always share with his medical team. She recalled attending his doctor’s appointments and emphasizing to the doctors how resilient he is. Trista mentioned that she would likely be bedridden every day if she were in Ryan’s shoes, highlighting the admiration she has for his ability to cope with the pain.

After revealing his Lyme disease diagnosis in May 2021, Ryan shared in July of the same year that he was feeling better and that the tide was turning in his favor. With specific treatment for his condition, Ryan has been able to overcome the worst symptoms of the illness. Despite their health struggles, the couple made a rare public appearance at Golden Bachelor Gerry Turner’s wedding in January, staying mainly out of the public eye as Ryan focuses on his recovery journey.

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