Barry Keoghan Discusses His Struggle with Near-Fatal Flesh-Eating Disease

• Barry Keoghan battled necrotizing fasciitis before filming The Banshees of Inisherin in 2021
• Keoghan nearly lost his arm from the disease and doctors couldn’t guarantee his survival
• Despite the health scare, Keoghan remained calm and went on to earn an Oscar nomination

Here is what happened:

Barry Keoghan recently shared his harrowing experience battling necrotizing fasciitis, a rare flesh-eating skin disease, just before filming “The Banshees of Inisherin” in 2021. According to Keoghan, he nearly lost his arm due to the disease, and at one point, doctors couldn’t guarantee his survival. Despite the seriousness of the health scare, the film’s director, Martin McDonagh, noted that Keoghan remained calm throughout the ordeal. McDonagh recalled visiting Keoghan and being concerned about his condition just days before filming, but Keoghan reassured him, saying, “Yeah, no, I’m going to be fine—I’ll see you on Tuesday.”

However, Keoghan’s health scare did not stop him from continuing his acting career. He later earned an Oscar nomination for his role in the 2022 comedy-drama. McDonagh even advised Keoghan to “remember” the ordeal when he eventually gets “nominated for an Oscar.” While Keoghan did not take home the Oscar, the actor expressed gratitude for the “honor” of being nominated.

With the health scare in his past, Keoghan is embracing a new chapter of his acting career and is enjoying the success that has come his way. He expressed that he is “F–kin’ happy, for once,” and noted that his recent success has “opened up other lanes” for him in acting. Keoghan also mentioned feeling relieved to no longer be solely recognized for his unique appearance. Additionally, he shared that he has a 15-month-old son named Brando with his ex, Alyson Kierans.

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