Becky G shares how she found her inner strength through a lifestyle change

• Becky G prioritizes health and wellness in her self-care philosophy
• She has found strength within herself by practicing new lifestyle habits and prioritizing routine
• Exercise, consistency, and making small lifestyle changes have had a monumental effect on Becky’s mental health and her career

Here is what happened:

Becky G’s self-care philosophy revolves around prioritizing health and wellness, as she believes in dedicating herself to routine and practicing new lifestyle habits. The 26-year-old emphasized the importance of doing things for herself, especially since she does so much for others around her. One of the ways she takes care of herself is through exercise, emphasizing that what she puts into her body matters, so she strives to be as healthy as possible.

Becky G acknowledged that making big lifestyle changes can be challenging, but she believes that the rewards outweigh the sacrifices. She pointed out that so much of self-worth is based on what others think of you, and she learned that it’s not healthy. Therefore, she decided to prioritize herself first, understanding that the greatest beneficiary of a healthier her is herself. This shift in mindset has led her to view fitness not as a chore but as something that comes from a place of genuine desire.

Regarding her fitness routine, Becky G emphasized that consistency is key, stating that even if she goes five days without working out, she tries to be as consistent as possible. She also revealed that making small lifestyle changes has had a monumental effect on her well-being and her career, as she pushed herself the hardest she ever has and felt closest to her craft. Overall, she sees the past year as the culmination of her hard work.

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