Best Maternity Swimsuits for Comfort, Style, & Postpartum Life

• E! News curated a list of maternity swimsuits that are comfy, functional, and stylish for expecting mothers
• The list includes a variety of swimsuits from different retailers like Bumpsuit, GAP, Nordstrom, and Amazon
• Tips on choosing the best maternity swimsuits include prioritizing comfort, checking size charts, and starting to wear maternity swimsuits when regular ones become uncomfortable

Here is what happened:

When it comes to maternity swimsuits, comfort and functionality are key factors to consider. Maternity swimwear should be made from stretchable fabrics with adjustable features to accommodate the changing body shape of expecting mothers. Supportive designs with ample belly coverage and UV protection are essential for both comfort and safety. Choosing versatile styles that can be worn throughout the pregnancy ensures that mothers-to-be can enjoy their time at the beach or pool with ease.

To choose the right size maternity swimsuit, it is important to take measurements of the bust, waist, and hip circumference. Referencing the brand’s size chart and considering the pre-pregnancy size as a starting point can be helpful. It’s also advisable to read customer reviews to get insights into the fit and sizing accuracy of the swimsuit you are interested in. Additionally, being prepared to go up a size or two to accommodate the growing bump is a good idea.

Expecting mothers should start wearing maternity swimsuits as soon as their regular swimsuits start feeling uncomfortable or tight around the belly. This could be as early as the first trimester for some women, depending on their comfort level and how their body changes during pregnancy. Investing in maternity swimwear early ensures that mothers have comfortable and supportive swimwear for the duration of their pregnancy, allowing them to fully enjoy their time at the beach or pool without any discomfort.

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