Big Little Look at Zoë Kravitz & Channing Tatum’s Sweet Love Story

• Kravitz and Tatum were confirmed to be engaged in October 2023
• Their relationship grew out of collaborating on Kravitz’s directorial debut movie
• Tatum and Kravitz have been seen out together at various public events including the Met Gala and Halloween parties

Here is what happened:

Actors Zoë Kravitz and Channing Tatum are officially engaged after at least one month of engagement. The diamond engagement ring that has sparked the interest of the couple’s fans made its first public appearance at Kendall Jenner’s Halloween party, where the pair dressed as Rosemary and her baby from the iconic film “Rosemary’s Baby”. Despite the couple’s remaining mum on wedding plans and maintaining a relatively private presence on social media, Kravitz expressed her admiration for Tatum, calling him a “wonderful human” and highlighting their shared love for art and engaging conversations.

The genesis of their romance can be traced back to when Tatum read an early draft of Kravitz’s directorial debut film “Pussy Island” approximately five years ago. The duo lost touch after their initial meeting, but fate brought them together once again when Tatum read a new draft of Kravitz’s film, which impressed him tremendously. The couple worked together on the film, further strengthening their bond and proving their compatibility as collaborators.

There were initial doubts about whether Tatum was open to marriage after his divorce, but it’s evident that his feelings for Kravitz have shaped a new perspective. Meanwhile, Kravitz’s questions about what she truly wanted in life were answered by her relationship with Tatum. Their relationship has blossomed over the years, culminating in their engagement after over two years of dating.

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