Blake Lively hits major motherhood milestone with 4 kids

•Blake Lively left her kids for the first time to attend the Super Bowl with her best friend Taylor Swift
• Blake revealed that she “went clubbing” after the game, a rare night out for her
• Blake and Ryan Reynolds shared playful reactions to each other’s Instagram posts during the Super Bowl period in response to her attending the game without him and leaving the kids

Here is what happened:

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds have been known to share lighthearted moments with each other, often poking fun at one another on social media. Blake recently revealed that she left her kids for the first time ever to join her best friend Taylor Swift at the Super Bowl in Las Vegas. She and Ryan have 4 children, and she was able to enjoy a rare mom’s night out at the event.

Despite attending the Super Bowl alone, Blake was all glammed up for the event, wearing pants that doubled as shoes for the first time and going all out with her look. She even borrowed some jewelry, joking that she “borrowed more jewelry than the skeleton in the Pirates of the Caribbean ride.”

In addition to their fun social media interactions, Blake and Ryan have also been known to troll each other in various ways over the years, often using humor to make light of their relationship. They regularly post funny photos and comments about each other, showing the strong bond they share.

Their playful banter extends beyond social media, with instances of them trolling each other at events, including Ryan’s humorous comments about his missing wife on Instagram, and Blake poking fun at her husband’s movies and advertisements. Their funny interactions are a reflection of their close relationship and the love they have for each other.

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