Blake Lively Reveals Her Interior Design Skills with a Peek Inside Her Home

• Blake Lively recently shared a rare snap inside her New York home and wanted her followers to take note of her beautiful decor
• The post included a peek inside a rustically-styled bedroom and an on-suite bathroom, showing off a modern-looking wood-paneled wall and a freestanding marble tub
• Lively joked that she “low key moonlighted as an interior designer” and quipped about requiring external validation since she “definitely don’t want the world to know that I have a hidden talent”

Here is what happened:

Blake Lively recently shared a rare snap inside her New York home, showing off her beautiful decor in her bedroom and en-suite bathroom, posting to Instagram on December 31. She joked about being a “low key” moonlighter as an interior designer and humorously denied having any hidden talents, requiring external validation. The actress received praise from numerous fans who adored her candid post, which mentioned several companies and individuals that had contributed to the creation of her abode, which she reportedly purchased with husband Ryan Reynolds in 2017.

However, the candid post was also met with humor from her husband, Ryan Reynolds, known for their witty social media presence. The couple is notorious for poking fun at each other online and had previously made headlines for their social media antics. Blake and Ryan share children James, Inez, Betty, and a fourth child born in February 2023. Fans appreciate their lighthearted approach to their relationship and their willingness to make fun of each other in public.

The couple enjoyed noteworthy public exchanges, including their humorous exchanges on social media with previous birthdays and anniversaries. Blake has also contributed to the social media antics, poking fun at Ryan and his actions on numerous occasions. Their humorous, light-hearted approach to public interactions has endeared them to fans, who appreciate their authenticity. Their witty and playful rapport on social media has only enhanced their status as one of Hollywood’s most beloved couples.

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