Blake Lively & Ryan Reynolds’ Trainer Encourages Eating More this Holiday Season – You’ll Love It

• Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds maintain their healthy habits during the holiday season with the help of their longtime fitness trainer Don Saladino
• Don Saladino offers two fitness programs—Deadpool 2 and Train Like Blake Lively 2.0—featuring the exercises the couple does during their sessions, with a discount code available
• Don advises on six tips for attainable wellness goals during the holidays, including focusing on hydration, getting your steps in, and getting quality sleep, lifting weights, eating before going out, and prioritizing consistency over intensity when working out.

Here is what happened:

Renowned fitness expert Don Saladino’s clients Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds have expressed their admiration for his ability to establish an enjoyable and sustainable wellness routine. Lively and Reynolds have worked with Saladino for over a decade and have been consistent with their praise for his influence on their wellbeing.

Now, Saladino is offering holiday wellness programs, including the Deadpool 2 and Train Like Blake Lively 2.0, to help others adopt Lively and Reynolds’ fitness techniques. Additionally, the fitness expert has shared six tips for setting attainable health goals during the holiday season without missing out on the enjoyment of festive foods or setting unrealistic New Year’s resolutions.

Saladino emphasizes the importance of hydration, getting one’s steps in, and prioritizing the quality of sleep, which are all crucial components of any wellness routine. He has debunked the myth that weightlifting causes women to bulk up, and he encourages them to incorporate strength training into their regimen. Moreover, he advises people to eat well and get enough food before attending a holiday party to prevent overindulging.

Contrary to the belief that workouts must be intense every time, Saladino asserts that sessions may vary in intensity and that consistency is key. He stresses the importance of listening to one’s body during a workout to tailor it to the individual’s needs. Overall, the goal is to engage in activities that make one feel good rather than following a specific, rigid exercise regimen.

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