Books to Read Before They Become Your Next TV or Movie Obsession

• Blake Lively will star in the movie adaptation of “It Ends With Us” and Colleen Hoover is adapting “Verity” for the big screen
• Anne Hathaway plays 40-year-old single mom who falls for a 24-year-old boybander in “The Idea of You”
• A list of upcoming book-to-screen adaptations includes “Bridgerton Season 3”, “It Ends With Us”, “Heartstopper Season 3”, “Wicked”, “Nightbitch”, and “The Perfect Couple”

Here is what happened:

In the midst of an era where book-to-screen adaptations are flourishing in Hollywood, there seems to be no shortage of exciting content for readers and couch potatoes alike. From “House of the Dragon” to “Bridgerton,” the trend of transforming bestselling novels into movies and TV shows is reaching new heights. One highly anticipated adaptation is the film version of Colleen Hoover’s beloved novel “It Ends With Us,” starring Blake Lively, with Colleen Hoover herself working on adapting another one of her works, “Verity,” for the big screen.

Another intriguing project involves Anne Hathaway and Nicholas Galitzine in a complex and gripping love affair in the movie adaptation of Robinne Lee’s “The Idea of You.” Hathaway’s dedication to the role of Solène, an art gallery owner entangled in a passionate relationship with a young boy band member, promises a riveting performance that delves deep into the complexities of human emotions and relationships.

To keep readers and viewers engaged, a curated list of books worth checking out before their movie or TV adaptations hit the screens has been put together. This compilation aims to provide an opportunity for bookworms to immerse themselves in the source material before witnessing the magic unfold on screen. From tantalizing love stories to suspenseful murder mysteries, the selection of books promises a diverse range of genres and narratives that are sure to captivate audiences in the near future.

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