Boxer Sherif Lawal Dies at Age 29 After Collapsing During Debut Fight

• British boxer Sherif Lawal, 29, collapsed and died in the ring during his professional debut
• Lawal was fighting Malam Varela when he was struck in the temple during a six-round middleweight fight in London
• Boxing community mourns Lawal’s passing, with professionals recognizing the dangers of the sport and offering condolences to his family.

Here is what happened:

The boxing community is currently mourning the tragic loss of British boxer Sherif Lawal, who passed away after collapsing in the ring during his professional debut at the age of 29. According to Warren Boxing Management, despite paramedics’ best efforts, Lawal was pronounced dead shortly after the incident. The organization extended their condolences to Lawal’s family, friends, coaches, and all those close to him during this difficult time. Lawal was facing Portuguese opponent Malam Varela when he was struck in the temple during the fourth round of their middleweight fight in London on May 12. Medical responders were on the scene immediately, but Lawal was later pronounced dead at a nearby hospital.

Lawal had started his boxing journey in 2018 before deciding to transition into the professional realm earlier in the year. His coach, CJ Hussein, expressed optimism about Lawal’s future in the professional boxing world, highlighting his talent and motivating younger boxers. Following Lawal’s untimely death, numerous boxing professionals are reflecting on his passing and recognizing the inherent risks associated with the sport. Mark Neilson of the British Boxing Board of Control emphasized the dangers of boxing, particularly after the tragic loss of Lawal post his professional debut. British Middleweight Champion Nick Blackwell also shared his condolences for Lawal’s family and expressed his thoughts during this difficult time.

The heartbreaking incident has shed light on the challenges and risks that boxers face in the ring, prompting a wave of support and sympathy from the boxing community. Lawal’s passing serves as a stark reminder of the dangers inherent in the sport and the importance of safety measures. The outpouring of condolences and recognition of Lawal’s talent underscore the tight-knit nature of the boxing fraternity, as professionals come together to honor his memory and reflect on the impact of his untimely death.

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