Bradley Cooper Reveals Unconventional Parenting Approach to Nudity at Home

• Bradley Cooper discusses being comfortable with nudity in his household, influenced by his upbringing
• He shares how fatherhood has helped him overcome past struggles with addiction
• Cooper prioritizes providing his daughter, Lea, with a stable foundation for her growth and journey

Here is what happened:

Bradley Cooper opened up about his unique upbringing in a recent podcast interview with Dax Shepard. He shared that he is comfortable with nudity at home because his father was always naked when he was growing up. This openness about nudity in his household has carried over into his own parenting style, as he revealed that he and his daughter, Lea, share a very open relationship, even when it comes to bathroom conversations. Bradley’s father’s passing from cancer in 2011 influenced him to prioritize spending quality time with his daughter and creating a strong foundation for her.

Despite the lack of privacy that comes with living in a small space with his daughter, Bradley cherishes the time he gets to spend with her. He admitted that being a father has been a transformative experience for him and has helped him navigate his own struggles with addiction. Bradley credited fatherhood with saving his life, emphasizing the significant impact it has had on him. His focus is now on providing Lea with the best childhood possible and ensuring that their relationship positively impacts her growth and journey in life.

In addition to discussing his father-daughter dynamic, Bradley also touched on his relationship with Gigi Hadid and the joy he finds in parenthood. He shared that being a dad has set him on a different path in life and described the anchor-like stability that fatherhood has provided him. Bradley’s commitment to being a present and supportive father is evident in his actions and words, highlighting the deep bond he shares with Lea and his dedication to being the best parent he can be.

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