Brandi Glanville Reveals How Tightening Her Mommy Stomach Gave Her Confidence

• Brandi Glanville shared about her body transformation after six sessions of CellSound’s treatment
• The treatment boosted her confidence and inspired her to work out and take care of herself
• Various other celebrities have openly discussed their plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures, including nose jobs, breast implants, Botox, and fillers

Here is what happened:

Brandi Glanville is celebrating her body transformation, particularly her “mommy stomach,” after undergoing CellSound’s Electrosonic Resonance treatment. She shared with People that she now has abs and lines on her stomach that she hasn’t seen since before getting pregnant. Brandi, who has two children, Mason and Jake, revealed that the treatment was painless and felt like doing an ab workout.

The former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star also mentioned that the treatment not only boosted her confidence but kickstarted her health journey. Seeing the definition in her stomach motivated her to work out and take better care of herself. Brandi admitted that she had gained weight during the pandemic and was left with loose skin, which motivated her to undergo the body sculpting treatment.

Many other celebrities have openly discussed their experiences with cosmetic procedures. From nose jobs to breast implants to skin tightening treatments, stars like Martha Stewart, Tori Spelling, and Lady Gaga have shared their journeys with enhancing their appearance. Each celebrity has their own reasons for undergoing these procedures, whether it’s to feel more confident, battle aging, or simply make a change they’ve always wanted.

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