Breaking Down Influencer Scandals: Lunden Stallings, Olivia Bennett, & Colleen Ballinger

• Influencer Ruby Franke has been charged with felony child abuse.
• Newlyweds Lunden Stallings and Olivia Bennett faced backlash after racially sensitive posts made by Stallings were resurfaced.
• Other influencers, such as Colleen Ballinger, Rachel Hollis, Arielle Charnas, Tanya Zuckerbrot, and Jessica Mulroney, have also faced scandals and controversies.

Here is what happened:

Influencer Ruby Franke has been charged with felony child abuse. Franke, a popular content creator, is facing backlash after Reddit users resurfaced screenshots of racially sensitive posts that she had allegedly made in the past. In response to the criticism, Franke and her wife, Olivia Bennett, uploaded a 10-minute apology video to their TikTok Stories. Franke expressed her disgust and shame over her past behavior, while Bennett defended her, stating that she believes Franke is not the same person she was when she made those posts. However, the criticism continued, with some pointing out the problematic history of the couple’s wedding venue.

The text also highlights other influencer scandals, including Colleen Ballinger, who faced allegations of grooming and forming inappropriate relationships with underage fans. Ballinger addressed the accusations in a 10-minute ukulele song on her personal YouTube account. Another influencer mentioned is Rachel Hollis, who received backlash for a post in which she mentioned her privilege and made inappropriate comparisons. Hollis issued an apology on Instagram and acknowledged the pain she caused. Arielle Charnas, founder of Something Navy clothing line, faced criticism for breaking quarantine rules during the COVID-19 pandemic. Charnas posted an apology addressing the concerns, but the damage had already been done. Lastly, Tanya Zuckerbrot, a registered dietitian, was criticized by fashion influencer Emily Gellis Lande for her F-Factor Diet, with allegations of health issues arising from following the diet. Zuckerbrot denied the claims and filed lawsuits against Gellis Lande.

These scandals serve as examples of the challenges faced by influencers in navigating public scrutiny and backlash. They highlight the importance of accountability and the need for influencers to be aware of the potential impact of their actions and words on their followers. The influence and reach of social media platforms make it crucial for influencers to use their platform responsibly and considerately.

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