Brian Barczyk, YouTuber & Reptile Expert, Passes Away at Age 54

• Brian Barczyk, a popular YouTuber known for his educational reptile videos, passed away on Jan. 14 from stage 4 pancreatic cancer
• Barczyk documented his cancer journey on his YouTube channel until entering hospice care on Jan. 5
• He leaves behind a lasting legacy in the animal world, including founding The Reptarium and owning the world’s third-largest collection of snakes

Here is what happened:

Brian Barczyk, a well-loved YouTube creator known for his educational videos about reptiles and amphibians, passed away on Jan. 14 after battling stage 4 inoperable pancreatic cancer. With 5.28 million subscribers, his videos have touched the hearts and minds of countless people worldwide. His family and team at The Reptarium paid tribute to him in a heartfelt statement posted on his Instagram following his passing. Describing him as a visionary, mentor, and friend, they expressed their deep sorrow and the immeasurable void left by his absence. They also emphasized that while he will be deeply missed, his impact will never be forgotten.

Barczyk’s contributions to the animal world extended beyond his YouTube videos. He founded The Reptarium, a reptile zoo in Michigan, and LegaSea, a project that was currently in the process of being built. Additionally, he owned the world’s third-largest collection of snakes, with over 30,000 in his possession. Despite his illness, Barczyk remained dedicated to documenting his cancer journey on his YouTube channel until Jan. 5, when he shared the news of entering hospice care. In his videos, he expressed his gratitude for the support and stated, “It was a tough year. It was so painful.”

In his final message to his audience, Barczyk expressed hope and encouraged them to continue inspiring others, saying, “I’m going to be able to look down on the LegaSea, I’m going to be able to look down on my family and everyone who I love. I love you guys. You guys be good, inspire people.” He is survived by his wife Lori and his children Noah and Jade. His passing has left a significant impact on the YouTube community and beyond, leaving behind a legacy that will continue to inspire and educate for years to come.

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