Bridgerton’s Nicola Coughlin Teases Love Triangle in Season 3 Update

• Penelope and Colin’s love story in Bridgerton season 3 is full of drama and may include a third person
• In a Valentine’s Day panel, Nicola Coughlin shares that Penelope moves away from the Featheringtons and tries to find a husband, with Colin offering to help
• The third season of Bridgerton promises to bring to life all the steamy book moments, and will also focus on Penelope’s growth as she transforms from Lady Whistledown to leading lady.

Here is what happened:

The article featured in this summary discusses the storyline and trailer for season 3 of “Bridgerton.” In the article, the audience anticipates the love story of Penelope Featherington and Colin Bridgerton. The segment then dives into each character’s conflicting feelings. Penelope yearns for more than her life as a Featherington and looks to find her own path in marriage. She determines to depart from her family and seeks a suitable husband. On the other hand, Colin offers to help her find a husband, causing Penelope to respond sarcastically about her lack of affection for Colin. The article then teases a new character, Lord Debling, who becomes a potential suitor for Penelope and serves as a threat to Colin.

In another segment, the production team discusses the upcoming season’s loyalty to the tantalizing and sweet elements of the book series. They also pass along feedback from the showrunners, such as Shondra Rhimes and Jess Brownwell, and series author Julia Quinn regarding this season. The final segment provides a glimpse of various images capturing key moments from the upcoming season, such as Penelope and Colin’s romance and challenges, adding to the anticipation for the season’s premiere.

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