Bruce Willis & Demi Moore’s Daughter Tallulah Willis Shares Her Autism Diagnosis

• Tallulah Willis shared her autism diagnosis in a throwback video with dad Bruce Willis
• The family has been open about Bruce Willis’ health journey with frontotemporal dementia
• The Willis family celebrates milestones together with love and joy, including birthdays and holidays

Here is what happened:

Tallulah Willis recently shared her autism diagnosis in a heartwarming throwback video featuring her and her father, Bruce Willis. The video captures a playful moment between the two, with Tallulah seen playing with her father’s head and ear. This candid revelation came as a surprise to many, as Tallulah mentioned that this was the first time she publicly shared her diagnosis, which she found out the previous summer and described as life-changing. The video not only showcases their loving bond but also sheds light on Tallulah’s journey towards self-discovery.

In response to Tallulah’s revelation, her older sister Scout Willis commented on the video, recognizing a stimming behavior in Tallulah. Stimming refers to self-stimulatory behaviors commonly associated with autism, such as the repetitive movements displayed by Tallulah in the clip. The exchange between the sisters highlights the support and understanding within their family as Tallulah opens up about her diagnosis. This personal moment holds even more significance in light of Bruce Willis’s ongoing battle with frontotemporal dementia, as he takes a step back from acting to focus on his health.

The Willis family, including Bruce’s wife Emma Heming Willis and their daughters Mabel and Evelyn, has been open about Bruce’s health journey. The family’s unity and resilience shine through as they navigate these challenging times together. Each member’s love and support for one another are evident, as they celebrate milestones such as Tallulah’s 30th birthday, demonstrating their unwavering bond and commitment to each other. With a foundation built on love, connection, and joy, the Willis family continues to stand strong in the face of adversity.

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