Busy Philipps 15-Year-Old Birdie experiences a terrifying seizure at school in Sweden

• Busy Philipps’s 15-year-old child Birdie had a seizure while attending school in Sweden, which Busy witnessed over FaceTime from the other side of the world
• Birdie recovered from the seizure and is doing fine, but the incident was described as “terrifying” and “awful” for Busy
• This is the second time Birdie had suffered a seizure, with the first one happening while Busy was filming when Birdie first suffered a seizure

Here is what happened:

Busy Philipps recently shared a terrifying incident she experienced when her 15-year-old child, Birdie, had a seizure while attending school in Sweden. She witnessed the entire incident over FaceTime and described it as a “terrifying” and “heartbreaking” experience.

The actress recalled watching medics treat Birdie over the phone, describing the moment when Birdie was reaching out to the camera and calling out for her as one of the most heartbreaking moments. She shared that she was considering finding a private plane to fly to Sweden and be with Birdie in that difficult time.

Fortunately, Birdie recovered from the medical ordeal, and Busy posted a photo of herself and Birdie at the hospital on Instagram, with a caption that reassured her followers that they would be okay. This wasn’t the first time that Birdie suffered a seizure and Busy mentioned that the incident was especially hard for her since she was in a different country when it happened.

Throughout the challenges, Busy has always been a supportive and loving mother to her kids. She has shared numerous candid moments on social media, showing her fun and loving relationship with Birdie and her younger daughter, Cricket, in various Instagram posts showcasing her experiences as a dedicated mom. Overall, the recent event has been difficult for Busy, but she and her family are staying positive and moving forward.

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