Cardi B discusses her relationship status with Offset after their New Year’s Eve reunion

• Cardi B clears the air about where she currently stands with Offset, confirming they are not getting back together yet
• They were spotted celebrating NYE together, but Cardi says they are testing the waters of their relationship
• Cardi has called it quits with Offset in the past, but they have also reconciled, and they are currently in the process of figuring out their relationship.

Here is what happened:

Cardi B addressed the speculation surrounding her relationship with Offset, making it clear that they are not reconciling. After being spotted celebrating New Year’s Eve together in Miami, rumors began to swirl about a potential reconciliation. However, Cardi set the record straight, confirming that she went clubbing and had a night out with Offset, but it did not mean that they were getting back together.

During a livestream on Twitter, Cardi emphasized the need to work on their communication and other aspects of their relationship. She emphasized that a good night out and an intimate encounter is not enough to mend their relationship. She affirmed that they need to work out their issues before considering getting back together. Despite the awkwardness of not speaking to her ex at the same party, Cardi maintained that they are not back together.

The couple’s relationship has faced its share of ups and downs, with Cardi calling for space to work on their issues. The reports indicate that they are at a point in their relationship where they are still figuring things out, with the possibility of getting back together if things go well. However, Cardi has also expressed her desire to have a healthy relationship, highlighting the importance of working through their challenges for the sake of their family.

The article also includes a segment about Cardi and Offset’s relationship journey, detailing significant moments in their romance, such as their secret wedding, surprise proposal, and the birth of their daughter. It goes on to highlight the challenges they faced, including a previous breakup, an emotional plea from Offset to Cardi, and their eventual reconciliation.

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