Charlie Sheen & Denise Richards’ Daughter Sami Gets a Breast Augmentation One Year After Starting OnlyFans Career

• Sami Sheen, the daughter of Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards, underwent breast augmentation surgery in November 2023 after over a year of planning
• Sami documented the entire plastic surgery process on her TikTok account, from her first consultation to returning home from the operation room
• Sami’s mom, Denise Richards, was not fully supportive of the idea of Sami getting a boob job because she herself regrets getting implants at a young age and is planning to get them removed

Here is what happened:

19-year-old Sami Sheen, daughter of Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards, recently underwent breast augmentation surgery after sharing a series of photos documenting the process on TikTok. Among the photos Sami shared were her in a surgical gown before the procedure, leaving the hospital in a wheelchair after the surgery, and trying on her implants in a mirror selfie. Since the surgery, Sami has discussed some of the difficulties of recovery, including back pain and general discomfort.

Despite being supportive of Sami’s endeavors on social media, Denise Richards has expressed reservations about her daughter’s decision to undergo a breast augmentation. In an interview with Bustle, Richards explained that she got her own implants done at the same age that Sami is considering it and now regrets the decision as an adult. As a result, Richards has tried to talk Sami out of the surgery due to the toxicity of implants and the painful nature of the procedure.

Sami’s plastic surgery is the latest step she’s taken in her career after launching her modeling journey on OnlyFans, receiving support from her father and mother, and later getting her own mother to join the platform. Through social media, Sami has also shared a mix of risky content, from revealing selfies to attending music festivals and other events, showing a different side of her life beyond the plastic surgery journey.

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