Christina Applegate suffering from gross sapovirus symptoms after unknowingly ingesting poop

• Christina Applegate suffered from sapovirus after ingesting fecal matter from someone else
• Her MS diagnosis in 2021 has affected her health journey and daily life
• She has used humor to cope with her condition and has received support from friends like Selma Blair and costar Linda Cardellini

Here is what happened:

Christina Applegate recently shared a candid and graphic account of her experience with sapovirus, a virus transmitted through fecal-oral contact. The actress humorously described the illness as causing her to “piss out of my ass for a few days” during an episode of her MeSsy podcast. She detailed waking up in the middle of the night in a pool of feces, a situation made more challenging by her struggles with multiple sclerosis.

Applegate revealed that her battle with sapovirus began after a close contact brought home COVID-19, exposing her to the virus for the first time. Due to her immunocompromised state from MS, she experienced severe symptoms such as a chest infection and dizziness. Despite facing difficulties, she maintained a sense of humor, joking about the challenges she faced, including taking a stool test that made her vomit.

In addition to her health struggles, Applegate also discussed her MS diagnosis and the impact it has had on her life. She spoke about her daily battles with the disease, including difficulties with bladder control, and shared her thoughts on using adult diapers. Through it all, Christina has maintained a sense of humor and openness about her health journey, offering a glimpse into the ups and downs of living with multiple sclerosis.

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