Cody Rigsby advice for stress-free holiday: It’s not that deep, boo

• Cody Rigsby enjoys savoring the holidays with activities like getting dressed up, going out with friends, and dancing
• Cody is a fan of LEGO, enjoying the pure and simple joy of building and play
• Cody suggests LEGO sets like the Avengers Tower, Modern Art, and Gingerbread Ornaments as great gift ideas for the holidays under $50.

Here is what happened:

Cody Rigsby was interviewed by E! to discuss his picks for holiday gifts, with E! holding affiliate relationships and the possibility of earning a commission through their links. Rigsby discussed his plans for savoring the holiday season, getting dressed up, connecting with friends, and enjoying the festivity of the season. At the LEGO Festive Fete Holiday Event, Rigsby shared his thoughts on LEGO’s new releases and why wigs make a great party gift.

Rigsby shared his love for the joy that LEGO products bring and expressed his excitement for the new LEGO offerings, such as the Marvel Avengers Tower. He also emphasized the importance of savoring the holiday season and enjoying the time spent with friends and family. Rigsby recommended buying LEGO sets for friends with kids and shared his favorite Marvel character, Thor.

When it comes to holiday advice, Rigsby encouraged enjoying and savoring the season, expressing that last year’s holidays went by too quickly. He also shared his enjoyment of getting dressed up, looking cute, having drinks with friends, dancing, and celebrating the holiday season. Rigsby recommended various LEGO products for gifts, such as the Avengers Tower, Modern Art set, Gingerbread Ornaments, Nutcracker, Marvel minifigures, and the Dried Flower Centerpiece.

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