Craft Your Signature Scent by Layering Fragrances

• The art of layering fragrances has become a popular beauty trend in recent years
• Fragrance layering involves applying more than one scent together to create a more powerful, complex, and customized fragrance
• Different fragrance families can be layered together, and layering scents can make them last longer while also enhancing the overall experience of the fragrance

Here is what happened:

The art of layering fragrances has become a popular beauty trend in recent years, with people craving customization and individuality. Walter Johnsen, the vice president of product development at Inter Parfums, states that “Fragrance has always been about happiness. People don’t buy fragrance unless they like it and it makes them smile.” Fragrances are known to evoke memories and trigger emotions and, in some cases, arousal. Fragrance, much like a sharp wing or statement lip, is a powerful tool for transformation, and people are intrigued by layering fragrances and crafting a signature scent in the process. According to Johnsen, “What I’m seeing now, more than ever, is a consumer that is more experimental. They’re excited to try new things.” The fragrance specialist breaks down all of the sweet details of how to make a customized blend.

The technique of layering fragrances involves applying more than one scent together, which, according to Johnsen, will “create a more powerful, complex and customized fragrance.” People are having more fun with fragrance and taking it upon themselves to mix and match two or more of their go-to fragrances to create a new experience that is as unique and individual as they are.

The best way to layer scents, such as eau de toilettes or eau de parfums, is to layer on a pump of each in the order of the strongest scent to the most delicate. This method allows consumers to get the full experience of a signature scent. Johnsen further advises that with these three different products, “They meld together, keeping the freshness of the citrus lasting longer, and adding brightness to the white floral. This infusion is then held by the foundation of the base fragrance because it would add a more fluid element in the final creation.”

When wanting to layer lotion with a perfume, it is recommended to start from the shower and work your way out. Adding a body lotion or body mist will give your perfume something to “hold and set” itself to, therefore, making it last longer. Each step in the layering process adds a new level of scent application and different versions of the formula to react and stay intact as they join together to heighten the overall experience. Since fragrance is deeply personal, Johnsen encourages experimentation and advises taking baby steps. A variety of fragrance families can be blended, depending on personal preference and the ratio of application. The perk of layering perfumes is that by adding different forms of fragrance, such as a shower gel, body lotion, and an eau de toilette or eau de parfum, this is the best and only way to have your scent last longer. The art of layering is about the creative process, and there is no right or wrong way when it comes to fragrance, it’s all about if it makes you smile.

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