Dance Moms Chloé Lukasiak Clarifies Comments About Envying JoJo Siwa

• Chloé Lukasiak clarifies that she is not envious of JoJo Siwa’s career but feels lucky to have experienced the show before joining the cast
• Chloé wants to focus on supporting women instead of pitting them against each other like on Dance Moms
• Other cast members like Maddie Ziegler, Nia Sioux, and JoJo Siwa have continued to find success in various areas such as music, acting, and beauty ventures

Here is what happened:

Chloe Lukasiak recently shared her perspective on her experience with Dance Moms, highlighting the unexpected turn of events that occurred when the show became more than just a documentary. She emphasized that the original cast, including herself, was thrust into a situation that spiraled out of control. Reflecting on her early start with the Abby Lee Dance Company at age 2, Chloe noted the contrast with newcomers like JoJo Siwa, who joined the show later and had a different point of view due to watching the show before joining the cast.

Chloe clarified that despite any hints of envy towards JoJo Siwa’s post-Dance Moms success, she appreciates the unique experiences that have shaped both of them in their respective ways. She emphasized the importance of supporting other women rather than fostering negative competition, highlighting the toxic environment of envy and rivalry she grew up with. Chloe shared her shift towards admiration and inspiration for others who are pursuing their goals and values the support and encouragement she receives from others.

In her endeavors beyond Dance Moms, Chloe has focused on creating a positive and supportive environment for dancers through her national dance competition. She aims to provide a platform that promotes love for dance and contrasts the negative experiences she encountered in the past. Chloe remains connected to her Dance Moms castmates, finding solace in reunions and cherishing the bonds formed during their time on the show. Through her words and actions, Chloe advocates for a culture of empowerment and support among women in the industry, promoting a space where everyone can thrive and succeed.

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