Dancing With the Stars’ Samantha Harris Reveals Producers Wanted Her to Look Pasty & Pudgy

• Samantha Harris was asked to gain weight by producers of ‘Dancing With the Stars’ in order to look different from the dancers
• She accepted the feedback because she was pregnant at the time and didn’t want to use chemicals while self-tanning
• Several celebrities, including Lindsay Lohan and Paula Deen, have turned down the opportunity to compete on ‘Dancing With the Stars’

Here is what happened:

Samantha Harris claimed that producers of Dancing With the Stars asked her to gain weight while she hosted the show with Tom Bergeron from 2006 to 2009. She mentioned in a podcast that producers requested her to gain weight and stop self-tanning. Harris recalled being “stunned” by the comment, as she took pride in staying fit. However, she accepted their feedback, in part because she was pregnant with her daughter. Harris gives more “credit” to the audience and believed viewers could relate to her as a host. Despite her struggles, she agreed with their message.

The former E! News correspondent didn’t disclose the network or executive team member who asked her to look different from the dancing pros on the show. She recalled a meeting in which she interpreted their request as her having to look “pasty and pudgy” and stop self-tanning “and to gain weight.” Although she initially thought of herself as too toned, she accepted the changes because she was going to be pregnant and, as a result, she didn’t want to tan and was going to be gaining weight. She said, “Of course, I said, ‘Okay, of course, no problem. I got that covered’ because little did they know—it was too early for me to share yet—I was pregnant.”

The actress shares a story about celebrities being invited to compete in Dancing With the Stars. Bindi Irwin, Australian TV personality and daughter of the late Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin, mentioned that she was approached once before but was unable to participate. In addition, hosting the show has been rejected by Gayle King, Gayle King, Kirstie Alley, and more who declined the offer repeatedly. This offers insight into the challenges the show producers face when casting for the show and the difficulties that can arise from finding suitable celebrities to participate. This adds an interesting perspective on the dynamics of reality competition shows.

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