Danny DeVito’s true opinion of the iconic Mean Girls line

• Danny DeVito remains a popular figure even when he’s not working
• State Farm commercial reunites DeVito and Schwarzenegger, who previously co-starred in Twins
• DeVito is currently working on a new movie with Schwarzenegger and developing content for children at the same time

Here is what happened:


video starts by inviting the viewer to watch the “Most Unforgettable Super Bowl Halftime Shows of All Time”. The text also mentions the enduring love of the comedy “Twins” starring Danny DeVito and Arnold Schwarzenegger, which led State Farm to approach them for the new commercial. The video concludes by acknowledging the success of the ad and the potential for the duo to star together in a future movie.

The section includes a call-to-action to view photos of “Super Bowl 2024: Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers’ Celebrity Fans”.

The article also states that the reaction to Twins has been “through the roof” for so many years, as shared by DeVito, and it describes the plot of the State Farm advertisement featuring DeVito and Schwarzenegger. This sets the tone for the paragraph while providing insights into the commercial character and plot.

The section includes various pictures and text dedicated to ads from different brands along with call-to-action links to “watch the ad here” for each ad. This focused layout makes for an engaging presentation of the plethora of commercial ads.

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