Dating Apps Are The Only Place Where You Can be More Popular Than Influencers

Photo by Felipe Callado

Here’s a bit of hopeful news for the aspirational among us. If you crave a substantial online following with many interactions with admirers who think you’re simply amazing, you can get that. No, not on social media. Let’s keep it real. Very few people gain top influencer status on those channels. It’s like entering a sweepstakes, “Many will enter. Few will win.”

That said, there is a place where you become more popular than the influencers you follow on TikTok and Instagram. It’s true! Regular people who take the time to build an engaging profile on dating apps can become exceptionally popular. That’s good news, but it also highlights some of the darker sides of internet dating apps that you should be aware of.

How Do Ordinary People Gain Popularity on Dating Apps?

Ordinary people are able to use the features on the Taimi dating app as well as other dating sites to get plenty of followers. If this is your goal, the key to your success is:

  • Creating a clever and memorable profile
  • Uploading a lot of great pictures
  • Interacting with people who connect with you on a daily basis

Does the dating app offer features like live streaming or video chat? Use those too! Remember that the most popular influencers and other social media accounts use a steady stream of engagement to gain notoriety. You need to treat dating apps the same way! Think of them as your personal branding platform.

But I’ve Seen a Famous Influencer on Dating Apps…

You’re scrolling through your favorite dating app, and you come across the dating profile of a celebrity you really admire. Everything seems legit! They’ve even got the same avatar they use on social media sites. Is this really your chance to connect with a famous influencer, and even get to date them? They certainly have a lot of followers.

Slow down. Chances are, you’ve encountered a bot or scammer. Unfortunately, people frequently create profiles as celebrities on dating profiles. Sometimes, it’s simply for the attention. Sadly, in other cases, the intention is much darker. These profiles may be created to gain followers for data mining purposes. Other people will use fake celebrity profiles to target victims for financial scams and other crimes.

Do Celebrities Ever Use Dating Apps?

While there have been celebs and mega influencers who have acknowledged using dating apps, your chances of running into a bonafide famous person is pretty low. There are simply more face influencer accounts than real on these apps. Also, most famous people are using apps that are specifically designed for industry folks. Remember, they need to be cautious about the people they date too! When celebrities do use dating apps, they don’t often seek tons of followers and popularity. Instead, they prefer to be very selective about who can see or interact with them.

What do I do if I See A Famous Person on a Dating App?

First, be very skeptical. Does the dating app have a vetting process? If they offer it, consider reporting the profile, especially if they are using it to solicit money or make suspicious claims. A reputable dating app will take action to delete and block fake profiles. Whatever you do, don’t provide personal or financial information to these or other profiles.

Great News! Enjoy Your Popularity

It’s disappointing that people use celebrity avatars to fool people on dating apps. But, this can be good news for you. While these fake profiles gain lots of likes, most of them aren’t genuine. On the other hand, your likes are real. They come from people who are attracted to your profile and content! That’s how you become more popular than influencers.

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