Dean McDermott Instagram Official with Girlfriend Lily Calo Following Tori Spelling Split

• Dean McDermott goes Instagram official with new girlfriend, Lily Calo, at The Magic Castle in Los Angeles
• Tori Spelling, Dean’s ex, liked the post showing support for the new relationship
• Tori and Dean maintain a friendly relationship for the sake of their five children, even having family dinners together

Here is what happened:

Dean McDermott made his relationship with Lily Calo Instagram official by posting photos of the couple enjoying a date night at The Magic Castle in Los Angeles. The actor shared snaps of them posing in coordinating pinstripe attire, with Dean captioning the post with, “Sometimes ya just gotta put on your best duds and take your girl to The Magic Castle, cuz she’s Magic!! #MyLovey.” Interestingly, Tori Spelling, who recently filed for divorce from Dean after almost 18 years of marriage, subtly showed her support by liking the post on Instagram. When questioned about her like, Dean responded by praising Tori’s compassion and stating that people can be better apart than together.

In another display of support, Tori Spelling has previously shared that she and Dean have family dinners together and that she gets along fabulously with Lily. Even after their separation, Tori continues to maintain a positive relationship with Dean and his new girlfriend. Their shared commitment to co-parenting their five children has allowed them to create a harmonious dynamic that includes spending family time together. Despite the challenges of divorce, Tori and Dean prioritize their children’s well-being and strive to create a supportive environment for them.

Additionally, family photos featuring Tori, Dean, and their children over the years offer glimpses into their shared experiences and milestones. From festive family outings to school events and book releases, the photos capture moments of joy and togetherness among the blended family. Tori and Dean’s commitment to co-parenting and maintaining a positive relationship underscores their dedication to putting their children first. Through shared family activities and celebrations, they demonstrate that despite changes in their personal lives, their focus remains on fostering a loving and supportive environment for their children.

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