Decoding Taylor Swift’s Joe Alwyn Easter Egg at the Tortured Poets Department Event

• Taylor Swift fans discovered a detail at the Tortured Poets Department event in Los Angeles that may hint at her relationship with ex Joe Alwyn in library card file unit with 72 boxes representing 72 months they dated
• Social media users speculated that the open boxes in the library unit symbolize important dates in Taylor and Joe’s relationship timeline
• Taylor Swift included various riddles and clues at the event related to her upcoming eleventh studio album, with fans dissecting potential song references to Joe Alwyn in her past work

Here is what happened:

Fans of Taylor Swift recently attended the Tortured Poets Department event in Los Angeles. At this event, Swifties noticed a detail that hinted at the singer’s relationship with ex Joe Alwyn. The detail was a library card file unit with 72 boxes, symbolizing the 72 months or six years that Taylor and Joe were together before their split in April 2023. Some fans also noted that six of the boxes were open, possibly representing significant dates in their relationship timeline.

Social media users quickly took to Twitter to discuss the significance of the open mailboxes. They speculated that these dates might correspond to important events in Taylor and Joe’s relationship. The discovery of this hidden clue added an extra layer of intrigue to the event, leaving fans eager to decode more mysteries related to Taylor’s music and personal life.

In addition to the library card clue, the event also featured books of varying sizes with specific song titles from Taylor’s album. There was even a book opened to a page containing lyrics from an unknown song. This elaborate setup left attendees and fans alike buzzing with excitement and anticipation for what Taylor Swift’s upcoming eleventh studio album, “Tortured Poets,” has in store.

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