Demi Lovato Shares the Real Story Behind Her “Special” Relationship With Boyfriend Jutes

• Demi Lovato is in a sweet romance with boyfriend Jutes, who she met in the studio and has helped co-write some of her songs
• Jutes even has a tattoo of a song title of Demi’s called ‘4 Ever 4 Me’ that she wrote about him
• Demi has shared romantic moments with Jutes on social media and has expressed how in love she is with him

Here is what happened:

Singer Demi Lovato recently shared details about her romance with musician Jutes, revealing that the two are “super in love.” The couple met in a studio, where Jutes helped cowrite one of Demi’s singles and a few songs off her last album. According to Demi, they worked well together and their love for each other is evident. In a recent interview on The Jennifer Hudson Show, Demi expressed her happiness with her partner, emphasizing how special it is to be with someone with whom she laughs and makes music.

Demi also shared a unique and permanent symbol of their time together in the studio. Jutes has a tattoo of a song title from Demi called “4 Ever 4 Me,” a song that she wrote about him. Demi helped with a “good portion” of the tattoo, saying that it turned out okay. This isn’t the first time the singer has opened up about her relationship with the alternative musician, as she previously posted a heartfelt tribute to Jutes on his birthday in March.

The couple first sparked romance rumors in August 2022, though sources revealed that they had been dating “months” earlier. Demi expressed her excitement to celebrate many more birthdays with Jutes, describing him as gorgeous, funny, sexy, and talented. The singer’s happiness with Jutes has been evident in recent interviews and social media posts, marking a new chapter in her love life. And while the couple continues to grow closer, fans also continue to support Demi on her journey.

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