Don’t Sleep on These While You Were Sleeping Secrets

• While You Were Sleeping, starring Sandra Bullock and Bill Pullman, became one of the most successful movies of 1995
• The original working title of the film was Coma Guy, inspired by the screenwriters’ experiences
• Julia Roberts and Demi Moore passed on the role of Lucy before Sandra Bullock secured her place as one of Hollywood’s top actresses

Here is what happened:

The iconic romantic comedy film “While You Were Sleeping” celebrated more than 25 years since its release on April 21. Starring Sandra Bullock as Lucy, a lonely fare token collector who pretends to be engaged to a man she saves, the film became a beloved classic due to Bullock’s charisma and chemistry with co-star Bill Pullman. Despite the potential creepiness of the storyline, the movie struck a chord with audiences and remains a favorite in the romantic comedy genre.

Behind the scenes, the film almost had a completely different cast, with major actresses like Meg Ryan and Demi Moore initially considered for the lead role. However, Sandra Bullock’s performance in “While You Were Sleeping” solidified her status as a top Hollywood actress, leading to her Golden Globe nomination. Bill Pullman, who played Jack in the film, brought a depth to his character that resonated with viewers, despite initial doubts about the role’s development.

The original script of “While You Were Sleeping” had several surprises and interesting facts, such as the working title being “Coma Guy” and the inspiration behind the plot coming from a joke made by one of the screenwriters about his own love life. As fans reminisce about this heartfelt romantic comedy, it’s clear that the charm and magic of “While You Were Sleeping” continue to captivate audiences even decades after its release.

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