Double Down on the Cast of Las Vegas Then & Now: A Comparison

• Josh Duhamel starred in the soapy prime-time drama, Las Vegas, as Danny, a former Marine who rises through the ranks at the Montecito Resort and Casino
• Other stars in the drama included James Caan, Molly Sims, Vanessa Marcil, and Tom Selleck
• The cast found success in other roles after the show ended, such as Duhamel’s roles in Transformers and The Thing About Pam

Here is what happened:

The legacy of NBC’s prime-time drama “Las Vegas” lives on 20 years after its debut, with the show having run for five wildly entertaining seasons until it was abruptly cancelled. Starring Josh Duhamel as Danny, a former Marine navigating life at the Montecito Resort and Casino, “Las Vegas” featured an eclectic cast that churned out a memorable show filled with glamour, showgirls, and high-stakes drama.

The show’s ensemble featured everyone from Hollywood regulars to surprise celebrity appearances, including Alec Baldwin, Sylvester Stallone, Paris Hilton, Jon Bon Jovi, and Snoop Dogg. The drama of “Las Vegas” was infused with the over-the-top atmosphere of its namesake city and captivated viewers with its unpredictable narrative twists.

After the show stopped airing, the cast each pursued their own individual careers in TV, film, and beyond. Josh Duhamel, for example, found success in movies such as “When in Rome” and “Transformers,” and also dabbled in TV roles in shows like “Battle Creek” and “The Thing About Pam.” As for the rest of the cast, each member embarked on their own journey in the entertainment industry, leaving their mark in various film and television projects.

With a robust set of compelling characters, “Las Vegas” created a dynamic legacy, showcasing the talents of its cast and providing unforgettable entertainment to its audience.

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