Drew Barrymore’s Emotional Message to Adam Sandler After Watching The Wedding Singer

• Drew Barrymore stumbled across The Wedding Singer on TV and became emotional, watching the whole thing and sending a tearful message to Adam Sandler on Instagram
• Adam Sandler responded to Barrymore’s message with a heartfelt message of his own, and the two have starred in three romantic comedies together
• Barrymore credits their never-ending support for each other as the reason they’ve continued to collaborate over the years, celebrating each other and their real-life partners

Here is what happened:

Drew Barrymore’s love for Adam Sandler is truly remarkable. Recently, she shared an emotional Instagram video revealing that she changed her plans to watch The Wedding Singer, a movie they both starred in together. Barrymore was visibly emotional in the video, addressing Sandler directly and expressing her love and gratitude for the movie they made together.

Aside from The Wedding Singer, Barrymore and Sandler also collaborated on two other romantic comedies, 50 First Dates and Blended. Barrymore has attributed their continued collaboration to their unwavering support for each other.

Furthermore, Barrymore and Sandler’s friendship spans over two decades, and Barrymore humorously joked about their long-lasting friendship in a recent video. Both actors seem to have immense respect and admiration for one another, which is evident in their heartfelt messages to each other on social media.

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