DWTS Sharna Burgess expresses her feelings of exclusion from Len Goodman tribute

• Sharna Burgess expresses her disappointment in not being asked back to Dancing With the Stars for the tribute to Len Goodman.
• She wanted to keep the focus on the late judge and the cast’s performance that honored his legacy.
• Sharna commends her former coworkers for their job well done and acknowledges that she can still love and support the show while feeling sad about not being there.

Here is what happened:

Brian Austin Green recently expressed his disappointment in his fiancée, Sharna Burgess, not being asked to participate in the Dancing With the Stars tribute to the late Len Goodman. Sharna is now sharing her side of the story, explaining that she hadn’t publicly commented on the situation out of respect for Len and the cast’s performance. She also noted that sharing her feelings online often leads to negative comments and didn’t want to subject herself to that. Sharna commended her former coworkers for a job well done and expressed both joy for those who were there and sadness for not being included.

Reflecting on Brian’s decision to speak out, Sharna acknowledged that he wanted to defend her and expressed gratitude for his support. She believes that we fight the hardest for those we love. Despite the pain she felt about not being asked, Sharna recognized the beauty and excellence of the tribute, praising the choreographers and acknowledging Len’s impact on the ballroom industry.

Earlier, Brian had taken to his Instagram Story to express his disappointment in Sharna’s exclusion from the tribute. He felt let down that no one from the show spoke out or supported her. He emphasized Sharna’s incredible soul and friendship to everyone, stating that she deserved better.

Ultimately, Sharna concluded her post by reminding her followers that two things can be true: she can still love and support the show, appreciate the performances, and feel both joy and sadness about her own absence. The text also provided a list of the Dancing With the Stars season 32 cast members.

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