Elmo wants to reassure you there are sunny days ahead after his viral check-in

• Elmo appeared on the Today show, using his Twitter account to check in on people and offer reassurance and advice
• Actor Larry David jokingly attacked Elmo on the Today show, apologizing for his actions afterward
• The text includes 20 facts about Sesame Street, including its origins and controversial moments

Here is what happened:

Elmo was so happy that the character was able to connect with so many people. The beloved red Sesame Street muppet appeared on the Today show on Feb. 1, two days after a tweet from the character’s X account went viral. “Elmo is just checking in! How is everybody doing?” read the missive that spurred people to publicly share their negative feelings and struggles.

Appearing with his dad, Louie, on the NBC morning show, Elmo said, “Daddy helps Elmo with the Twitter- the X, because Elmo can’t read.” The character’s account is actually run by 25-year-old social media manager Christina Vittas.

Elmo told the audience that it is “very important” to check on your friends and see how they’re doing, “because maybe they’re not doing OK.” While the tweet resonated with tens of thousands of people and drew responses from several celebs and even President Joe Biden, one actor took the opportunity to convey his feelings to the muppet in person in a pretty, pretty, pretty shocking way that was on brand with his own TV persona.

After the interview, fellow celebrity guest Larry David walked over to the side of the Today studio with the characters and jokingly grabbed Elmo’s face and swung at Louie in front of the co-anchors. “Mr. Larry, Elmo loved you before!” the muppet cried out. As co-anchor Savannah Guthrie asked Larry if there was something he would like to say to the Sesame Street star, he began, “Elmo, I just want to apologize.” The actor responded by mimicking the muppet’s high-pitched voice. “OK,” he said. “Alright, thank you, thank you.”

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