Eva Longoria: Lessons from Victoria Beckham Unveiled

– Eva Longoria credits Victoria Beckham as her mentor and role model, praising her as an amazing businesswoman and great mother.
– Longoria has supported Beckham’s business endeavors, attending her fashion shows and complimenting her innovative documentary.
– Longoria enjoys reading bilingual books with her son and negotiates the content they read together, and her husband now takes over storytime duties.

Here is what happened:

Eva Longoria recently shared some insights into her friendship with Victoria Beckham, revealing that she has learned a lot from her longtime friend. According to Eva, Victoria has been a role model for being an “amazing businesswoman” and a “great mother.” Eva has been a strong supporter of Victoria’s business endeavors, attending her fashion shows and praising her innovative documentary. Eva is also a dedicated mother to her son Santi, sharing that they enjoy reading together and engaging in bilingual books. She revealed that they negotiate which books to read and that she goes all out, acting out the stories with different voices. Eva also mentioned that her son is excited about Halloween, and despite the dentist’s advice, they are looking forward to enjoying some candy.

Eva’s Instagram account showcases her best mom moments, featuring adorable pictures of her and Santi. From poolside hangouts to nap time, Eva embraces the joys of motherhood and cherishes every moment with her son. She also shared her excitement about being back to work and jokingly referred to Santi as her assistant director. The actress encourages her followers to educate themselves about politics, even curling up with her son to read a voting pamphlet. Eva’s Instagram feed is filled with heartwarming moments, including birthday kisses, sunset dances, and beachside adventures.

Overall, Eva Longoria values her friendship with Victoria Beckham and has learned a lot from her. As a mother, she enjoys reading with her son and embraces the joy and challenges of parenthood. Her Instagram account reflects her love for her son and showcases their special moments together. Despite being a busy actress, Eva prioritizes her role as a mother and cherishes every moment spent with Santi.

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