Everything Christina Applegate has Shared about Her Battle with Multiple Sclerosis

• Christina Applegate battles multiple sclerosis with 30 lesions on her brain, chronic pain, and mobility issues
• She approaches her health journey with humor and honesty, refusing to sugarcoat her struggles
• Applegate credits Selma Blair for urging her to get tested for MS and hints that Dead to Me may be her last onscreen credit

Here is what happened:

Christina Applegate has been open about her struggles with multiple sclerosis since being diagnosed in 2021. Despite facing chronic pain, mobility issues, and multiple brain lesions, the actress approaches her health journey with humor and honesty. Acknowledging the challenging reality of her diagnosis, Christina refuses to sugarcoat matters concerning her health, having learned from past experiences such as surviving cancer.

In a recent interview, Christina candidly described living with MS as being in a state of “hell.” She expressed frustration and anger at being diagnosed with the disease, emphasizing that it’s a difficult journey. Despite the challenges, she remains hopeful that she can function better in the future. Christina’s decision to isolate herself as a way of coping with her condition highlights the emotional toll that MS has taken on her life.

Throughout her journey, Christina has found support from friends like Selma Blair, who encouraged her to get tested for MS. The actress credited Selma for potentially preventing a worse outcome by urging her to seek medical help. As Christina navigates her health struggles, she continues to share her experiences with honesty and vulnerability. Her decision to step back from on-screen work, with “Dead to Me” likely being her last project, reflects a shift in priorities as she focuses on her health and well-being.

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