Francia Raísa & Selena Gomez Hadn’t Spoken Much in 6 Years Before Reconciliation

• Francia Raisa clarifies that she and Selena Gomez never had a feud, just a lengthy “tiff”
• They grew apart after the kidney transplant, reconciled earlier this year, and are still getting to know each other again
• Selena initiated their reconciliation and they were spotted out to dinner together in Los Angeles

Here is what happened:

Francia Raísa recently opened up about her friendship with Selena Gomez and clarified that they never had a feud, but rather a lengthy “tiff.” The actress revealed that they had grown apart after Francia donated a kidney to Selena, who suffers from lupus, and they did not speak for six years. Francia emphasized that there was never any animosity between them and that they simply needed time apart to grow as individuals. She also stated that giving Selena a kidney did not affect their relationship negatively.

Despite rumors of a rift between them, both Selena and Francia seemed to have reconciled. In July, they publicly dismissed any feud rumors, and Selena even shared a birthday tribute to Francia, expressing her love for her friend. Their reconciliation appeared to have been initiated by Selena, according to Francia, who believed that the timing was determined by the universe. The two were also seen having dinner together in Los Angeles, and they shared photos of themselves wearing matching leopard-print pumps on Instagram.

Francia had previously expressed her feelings about the negative comments she received regarding her friendship with Selena, stating that it had affected her. However, she confirmed that despite the challenges, she and Selena needed the time apart to address their differences and grow individually. Ultimately, the two friends were able to move past any rumors of a feud and rekindle their friendship.

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