Girlfriend of Surfer Who Died in Mexico Shares Their Touching Text Messages on Signs After Loss

• Callum Robinson and girlfriend Emily Horwath exchanged messages about death and grief before his murder in Mexico
• Authorities found the bodies of Callum, his brother, a friend, and another person with gunshot wounds in a well
• Emily has been sharing photos and videos of Callum and his last voicemail before his death on social media.

Here is what happened:

Callum Robinson and girlfriend Emily Horwath had heartfelt conversations about death and grief months prior to the tragic incident that took Callum’s life in Mexico. Emily recently shared screenshots of texts exchanged with Callum in January, where she expressed her sympathies regarding a family matter he was dealing with. In one message, Emily shared a photo of a sunrise and mentioned how she believed those who passed speak through the sky, connecting it with Callum’s late grandmother.

In response, Callum expressed gratitude and mentioned his belief in the ocean and sky as a bridge between the physical and spiritual realms. Emily encouraged him to look for signs in nature, suggesting that they are always present. This exchange provided a glimpse into the deep and meaningful connection shared between the couple, highlighting their mutual understanding and support for each other during difficult times.

Subsequently, authorities in Ensenada, Mexico found the bodies of Callum, his brother Jake Robinson, and friend Carter Rhoad, along with an unnamed fourth individual, all with gunshot wounds to the head. The Baja California prosecutors revealed that the motive behind the killings was carjacking. As the investigation continued, one suspect was indicted on a charge of forced disappearance in connection to the case. Emily has been honoring Callum’s memory by sharing memories, including a voicemail he left her before his demise, showcasing the positivity and warmth he exuded in their relationship.

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