Holly Madison Discusses Why “Girls Next Door” is Triggering to Her

• Holly Madison admits that prior to her experience with Playboy, she made fear-based decisions as a 19-year-old trying to make it in the entertainment industry
• Even though her life took a different turn, she feels a connection to the stories told in the Investigation Discovery series “The Playboy Murders”
• Holly’s current focus is being a mom to her two children and she continues to manage her depression and body dysmorphia, thriving and being happy.

Here is what happened:

In a recent interview with E! News’ Francesca Amiker, Holly Madison opened up about her experience as a young woman moving to L.A. at 19 without knowing anyone and dating Hugh Hefner for 10 years. She explained that she made some fear-based decisions when trying to break into the entertainment industry. Despite living a different life now, the 44-year-old feels a connection to the stories told in the Investigation Discovery series The Playboy Murders, which explores the fates of some of the women who posed for the famous magazine.

Madison admitted that her previous choice to enter into that situation was at least partially influenced by aspects of her personality that she now attributes to being on the autism spectrum, a diagnosis she received last summer.

While painful, Madison acknowledges that it’s therapeutic to talk about her past and open up about her experiences. Additionally, she is looking forward to the future as she discusses the traumatic scenes from her past.

When prompted on how she’ll address her past life should her children ask about it, Madison confesses that she is unsure how to handle each phase of childhood and parenting until they’re right in front of her. For now, her hands are full with her children, her work, and her boyfriend, whom she’s been dating on and off for about four years.

Now thriving and happy, Madison is grateful for who she is today, emphasizing that her core faith in herself helped her through even her darkest moments. With the upcoming premieres of The Playboy Murders and Lethally Blond, Madison looks forward to sharing her story and helping open people’s minds to different perspectives.

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